Registration for 2017 Olympiads Has Closed

Alabama's regional Science Olympiad competitions are now full. Registration officially closed on Wednesday, November 23rd when capacity was reached. Visit our Tournaments page for links to infromation from each tournament host.

Event Rules Mobile App Now Available

The Science Olympiad National Headquarters has once again published a mobile app with rules to all of this year's Division B and C rules (one app for each division). The apps are available for $3.99 in the iTunes Store and Google Play now!

Online Resources to Help You Get Your Team Prepared

Get a helpful guide for Rocks and Minerals online from Other Worlds (scroll down to 4th item, 2013 Kit for a download link). And the Science Olympiad has a wealth of resources available on at to help teams prepare for regional competitions including event-by-event materials. Visit the Science Olympiad Preparation Tips page and use the B/C Events dropdown menu to select a specific event.

Scientific American Profiles Science Olympiad

How does competing in a Science Olympiad make an impact on students of all ages? Read this Scientific American article, part of the Frontiers for Young Minds series, for the story.

New Classroom Resources for Grades 3-6

A new set of 15 lesson plans that help incorporate events from the Elementary Science Olympiad into regular classroom activities are now available. This special resource is just $40 (includes shipping). Use the Contact Us page to let our State Director know you're interested in purchasing a copy.

Free MIT Science Videos Available Online

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently hosted a workshop on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education that included a demonstration of a university project to create STEM focused videos. Check out their work, for free, at

Even More Science Opportunities in Alabama

Looking for more ways to get your students involved in science? Consider the Alabama Junior Academy of Science in association with the Alabama Academy of Science!