ASO Policy on Schools with Multiple Teams

Schools with multiple teams (more than one team in a single division) have been permitted to compete for several years in Alabama Science Olympiad.  This increase in membership is what has allowed Alabama to qualify two teams in both Division B and C for Nationals in recent years.  New regional participation and state qualification policies as outlined below were enacted for all 2014 Alabama Science Olympiad B/C regional and state tournaments.

Regional Tournament Registration and Requirements

For schools with multiple teams, each team must submit a separate registration form and registration fee to the State Director. Additionally, each team must have a different coach. Teams must be identified as Team 1, 2, 3, etc. or with another designation such as school colors on the registration form. Finally at the time of registration with the State Director, the school shall designate one team as the "Varsity" team with the other team(s) designated as "Junior Varsity" teams (see below for restrictions). Teams from the same division and school must compete at the same regional tournament. 

During an Olympiad, it is suggested that teams wear different color shirts and wrist bands to assist the event judges.  If two students from same school, but on different teams, compete as a team in the same event, this would result in a disqualification.

Varsity and Junior Varsity Designations

Only a team that is designated as a Varsity team shall be permitted to advance from regional to state competition. Junior Varsity teams shall compete for experience and medals at the regional level. However, in no case shall a Junior Varsity team be able to advance to the state tournament. In the event that a JV team places among a regional's top places for state tournament qualification, the JV team will not advance and the next highest ranked Varsity team shall be selected advance.

A school is encouraged to have its best participants on its Varsity team. However, should illness or other factors preclude a Varsity participant from participating in subsequent tournaments (State or National), such participants may be replaced with another eligible student including those that may have participated on a Junior Varsity team.

When a school registers only one team for a regional tournament, it is automatically considered a "Varsity" team.

The number of teams advancing from a regional tournament to the state tournament shall be 20% of the number of teams registered as of November 1st or the top 3, whichever is greater.