ASO Special Participants

The Alabama Science Olympiad has established the following policies for special groups of participants including 9th grade students and home schooled students.

9th Grade Team Members - Choice of B or C

As many as five 9th graders having participated as middle schoolers, may decide to participate with their middle/junior high team their ninth grade year, or they may decide to participate with their high school team.  It is the student’s choice, but they must decide on one division, either B or C for that academic year.For schools with multiple teams, each team must submit a separate registration form and registration fee to the State Director. Additionally, each team must have a different coach. Teams must be identified as Team 1, 2, 3, etc. or with another designation such as school colors on the registration form. Finally at the time of registration with the State Director, the school shall designate one team as the "Varsity" team with the other team(s) designated as "Junior Varsity" teams (see below for restrictions). Teams from the same division and school must compete at the same regional tournament. 

Home School Teams

For Science Olympiad competitions in Alabama, home schools are non-public schools in which one or more children of not more than two families or households receive academic instruction from parents or legal guardians, or a member of either household.

Because Science Olympiad is a team activity, not an individual one, a home school student must be a member of a team. A team consists of a maximum of fifteen students (team sizes vary in Division A).

In Alabama ONLY, home school teams may be formed by home schools within the boundaries of a single county within the State OR by home schools from contiguous counties within a 30 mile driving distance radius of the team's central address. This means that a home school team must declare an official team address at the beginning of each year and that all home school members on the team must be within a thirty mile drive of the team's declared address. The declared address must also be the address used when registering the team online. Team coaches will be responsible for ensuring this requirement is observed by using GPS database information (mapquest, google maps, etc.) as the standard measure of driving distance.

Home school students should be placed in the appropriate division -- elementary (Division A), middle (Division B) or high school (Division C) -- according to where their age would place them if in a graded school situation. For example, a Division A (elementary school) team would mostly be made up of students from grades 3-6; a Division B (middle school) team would mostly be made up of students from grades 6-9; and a Division C (high school) team would be made up of students from grades 9-12. A child may compete with a higher division team than their age indicates, but not a lower one.

All liability is the responsibility of the home school. All other restrictions regarding students on a team apply.